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Comeba Board of Directors Meeting

As all COMEBA members will be already aware, the General Assembly 2020 has not taken place.
COMEBA has been forced to implement this measure very reluctantly; however, it was unavoidable and necessary due to the COVID pandemic.
COMEBA has always organised its Annual General Assembly in line with the BWF’s own Annual General Meeting. While noting that the BWF has rescheduled its elections to 2021, COMEBA opted to adopt the same approach and postponed its General Assembly (when elections will also be due) to 2021.
Some major sports events were similarly rescheduled to a later date. The 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo were postponed to 2021; the Mediterranean Games in Algeria were rescheduled as well. 
At the end of January, the BWF will be deciding the date when to hold its Annual General Meeting (and the elections) during 2021 as well as whether this AGM will be held virtually (remotely) or in person.
The COMEBA Board of Directors, which is also meeting at the end of January, will be guided by this decision accordingly. It will be adapting the COMEBA General Assembly to be held in conjunction with the BWF’s AGM (either one day before or one day after). It will also establish whether our General Assembly will be held virtually (remotely) or in person; and this in exactly the same manner implemented by the BWF.
COMEBA will be keeping all members informed of future developments.

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