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Happy New Year

President Murat Ozmekik sends his best wishes to all COMEBA Members, and to all Badminton friends throughout the world, for a relaxed and peaceful Holiday Season. Let us look forward together to a much happier and healthier 2022!!!

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The “Mediterranean Cup” and Training Camp 2021.

It is COMEBA’s intention to organise another edition of the two captioned events during 2021. An invitation has been circulated to all its Members eliciting an “Expression of Interest” to organise the two events; all the relevant organisational aspects have been provided for each Member’s consideration.COMEBA will endeavour to secure ...

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The Board of Directors met recently in order to discuss a number of topics which are of interest and relevance to our Confederation; the meeting was held remotely, via the Zoom platform. Particular attention was given to the General Assembly 2021, during which elections to the Board are due. The Board ...

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COMEBA Board of Directors Meeting

A meeting of the COMEBA Board of Directors has been scheduled on the 31st January 2021.In view of the current pandemic, the meeting will be held remotely, via Zoom; all the Directors have confirmed their active participation.The meeting will be discussing a number of important issues for the future of our Confederation; ...

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Comeba Board of Directors Meeting

As all COMEBA members will be already aware, the General Assembly 2020 has not taken place.COMEBA has been forced to implement this measure very reluctantly; however, it was unavoidable and necessary due to the COVID pandemic.COMEBA has always organised its Annual General Assembly in line with the BWF’s own Annual ...

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