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The Board of Directors met recently in order to discuss a number of topics which are of interest and relevance to our Confederation; the meeting was held remotely, via the Zoom platform.

Particular attention was given to the General Assembly 2021, during which elections to the Board are due.

The Board of Directors has decided to hold the said General Assembly 2021 in October. Its specific date will be definitely established by the Board at a later stage this same year together with the option whether to hold the event in a virtual / remote manner (via Zoom) or in the traditional “face-to-face” format.

The Board’s eventual decision will obviously depend on the status of the pandemic over the coming months.

All COMEBA members will be kept updated as necessary. They will be informed of the General Assembly’s definite date in good time so that they can prepare themselves accordingly; and this in accordance with the COMEBA Statute.

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