The COMEBA Board of Directors met today in Athens. They tackled an intensive Agenda replete with issues of current and future importance to the Confederation.

Additionally, the opportunity – provided by the Directors’ collective presence in Athens – was taken in order to hold two other equally important meetings.

The first one was with the Greek Deputy Minister for Sport and Culture, Mr. Georgios Vasileiadis, with whom the discussion centred mainly on the presence of Badminton in the Mediterranean Beach Games 2019 scheduled in Patras (Greece).

During this meeting, COMEBA confirmed its availability to provide all the required technical and organisational support – together with the Hellenic Badminton Federation headed by Ms. Victoria Hatzina, Vice President of COMEBA – so as to ensure an attractive presentation of Badminton at this event.

The second meeting was with Mr. Amar Addadi and Mr. Victor Sanchez, the President and Vice President respectively of the Executive Committee of the Mediterranean Games; Mr. Sanchez also heads the Technical Commission of the Games.

During this second meeting, COMEBA underlined its continued commitment – together with the support of the Algerian Badminton Federation – to ensure a high-level presence of Badminton at the Games, scheduled in Oran (Algeria) in 2021; and this both in terms of the number of participants as well as of their technical standard.

COMEBA looks forward positively to its collaboration with these two important interlocutors; and this in furtherance of its determination to continue establishing Badminton in the Mediterranean region.

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