Though we are living in negative and troubled times, COMEBA will not give up but it is determined to continue with its activities; in fact, COMEBA is currently planning to organise another edition of the two captioned events during 2020.

The following is the relevant information about them:

  • The two events will be held in Ankara (Turkey) in November or December 2020; the specific dates will be notified once the current COVID-19 situation in the Mediterranean region becomes more clear. They will be organised and managed by the Turkish Badminton Federation (TBF), on behalf of COMEBA.
  • The two events will be spread over seven days, as per the following schedule:
    Day 1: arrival and accommodation of the participating players / teams.
    Days 2+3+4: the Training Camp.
    Days 5+6: the “Mediterranean Cup” competition.
    Day 7: departure of the participants.
  • The Training Camp and the “Mediterranean Cup” tournament are specifically intended for players born in 2002 or later.
  • The Training Camp will be conducted in English; the TBF will select the coach to conduct it and will inform of his identity as early as reasonably possible before the start of the event.
  • The “Mediterranean Cup” will consist of both an Individual as well as a Team tournament.
  • The Individual competition will comprise all five categories (Singles and Doubles); depending on the actual number of participants, during its first round it may be played in Groups and not on a Knock-Out basis.
  • Each fixture in the Team competition will consist of five games: MS-WS-MD-WD-MXD; depending on the actual number of participating teams, the competition may similarly be played in Groups during its initial stage.
  • The TBF will offer free accommodation (on full board basis) to four players (two males and two females) as well as to one coach representing each COMEBA member Association/Federation; and this for the duration of both events. Any additional participants will be required to cover the cost of their accommodation, at the daily rate of €40.00 per person.
  • The TBF will look after all internal transport arrangements, including airport transfers from / to Ankara airport (only), free of charge to all the participants.
  • The TBF will provide all the necessary assistance for those participants who will require a visa to enter Turkey.

All COMEBA members are required to confirm their interest and/or participation in this project by not later than the 30th September 2020.

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